Kernel Development – Amazing!

I have recently started a journey into the world of Kernel Land… That was an eye opener. I never realized how complex operating systems were before I decided to roll my own from scratch.

Currently I am at the point where I can accept input from the keyboard and display it on the screen in Mode 7. I am working on a floppy driver right now, and am going to work on File Systems after that.

I have been developing it for fun, in all actuality, but know that I know a little bit more I am going to put a bit of effort into making something a bit different than Linux or Mac or Windows ( At least as different as I can make it.) Probably something that is more pointed towards multi-core CPUs from the get-go.

I started learning by using Bona Fide OS Developer tutorials and the OSDev wiki. These are very good resources for the beginner, in my opinion.

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